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SentiSystems offers a novel platform solution for real-time sensor data processing. We start our journey with sensor integration for autonomous operations, but the versatility of our platform makes it suitable for a variety of other intelligent applications such as mapping, monitoring and surveillance systems.

Developing sensor fusion systems is time consuming and cost intensive due to hardware development and integration being more comprehensive, requiring expertise in several domains, and requiring access to lab facilities. The state-of-the-art is to develop proprietary solutions that have to be altered each time one of the sensors of the navigation system is modified.

Our high-precision navigation and sensor fusion platform is independent of the sensors chosen to equip our customers for fast development of new autonomous solutions. Due to the high performace real-time data processing capabilities our customer’s sensor system data gets accessible and hence more valueable.

Proven in numerous field experiments in research and industry

SentiSystems is a spin-off company from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and emanates from the innovative environment at NTNU’s Department of Engineering Cybernetics with a long track record of innovations.

About 10 man-years of research and development with continuous testing, optimization and experimentation in field tests, resulted in the core invention within SentiSystems – the SentiBoard. The SentiBoard is a circuit board that enables high-precision time-synchronization of data from different sensors, such as imaging, motion, position and velocity, with nano- to millisecond accuracy. The system is not bound to any sensor manufacturer, so a mix-and-match solution is straightforward.


Arne Kjørsvik
Arne KjørsvikCEO
Frederik Stendahl Leira
Frederik Stendahl LeiraCTO
Sigurd Mørkved Albrektsen
Sigurd Mørkved AlbrektsenHead of Embedded Development
Torleiv Håland Bryne
Torleiv Håland BryneHead of Sensor Fusion
Erling Jellum
Erling JellumEmbedded Software Engineer
Gustav Christensen
Gustav ChristensenEmbedded Software Engineer


Susanne Jäschke
Susanne JäschkeChairwoman of the Board
Tor Arne Johansen
Tor Arne JohansenBoard member
Odd Arne Steffensen
Odd Arne SteffensenBoard member


Borgar Ljosland
Borgar LjoslandAdvisor
Eli Grong Aursand
Eli Grong AursandAdvisor

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