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SentiBoard is the heart of multi-sensor fusion that keeps sensor data accurately timestamped and hence synchronized with a common clock and forwards the time-stamped data in a standardized format for processing in real time and/or later data post-processing.

It provides a variety of serial interfaces (2xSPI, 3xUART, 2xRS232, 1xRS422), 4xConfigurable trigger signals (image capture, sync. pulses, etc.), and 4xTiming Event Captures (incoming sync. pulses, exposure active signals, etc.). This ensure maximum compatibility with your specific sensor suite and application.



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SentiUtils is our host-platform software framework which interprets the SentiBoard sensor data stream to meaningful and easily accessible data structures, keeping the accurate and precise SentiBoard timestamps attached as meta-data to the sensor data streams. It also features a set of sensor data filter algorithms which lets you combine, aggregate or otherwise manipulate the sensor data before it is forwarded to its destination (e.g processing unit for guidance & control).

SentiUtils comes with a library of commonly used sensor data interpreters, e.g GNSS receivers (uBlox, Septentrio), Inertial Measurement Units (Xsens, Analog Devices, VectorNav) to name a few, as well as a framework to rapidly and efficiently implement your own custom interpreters.

Sensor data passing through SentiUtils can also be referenced according to a master clock signal connected to the SentiBoard (e.g a GNSS receiver) in order to translate the timestamps provided by the SentiBoard in another device's reference frame, such as UNIX or UTC time.

Further processing and use of the accurately timestamped sensor data can be done in well-known software frameworks such as ROS1 and ROS2, or entirely in your own propriety software - interfacing through a set of Google Protobuf message definitions.

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Through the use of our SentiConnect interface cards, connecting your sensors becomes truly plug&play. By abstracting away the sensor's specific hardware interface, every serial sensor now in effect connects to your software stack through a standard SentiBoard sensor cable. By attaching your serial sensor to an appropriate SentiConnect interface card, we make sure that the sensor's available means of time synchronization (e.g 1 Pulse Per Second, Time of Measurement Signal, or Measure by Trigger Signal) is seamlessly utilized to its full extent. 

This removes the need to waste precious time deep diving in technical product datasheets, fine-reading the details of a sensor's inner workings. Integration and interfacing your sensors simply becomes a process of connecting everything together in a plug&play fashion, while still having the assurance that you will get the very best that your sensor suite has to offer. 

Bundling SentiConnect interface cards with SentiBoard and SentiUtils you will have more time to focus on domain specific challenges, and less time pulling your hair out struggling with bits & bytes, sensor driver development, and obscure edge cases.