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Vision-Based Moon Landing Demonstrator, Airbus (Drone, Space)

Vision-Based Moon Landing Demonstrator

  • ESA project to develop navigation solution for precise lunar landing
  • Stereo camera synchronized tightly with IMU and GNSS using the SentiBoard, flown on a miniature helicopter
  • Strong results, happy customer
  • Reported significant time and cost saved both during integration and during development

Darius Djafari-Rouhani, Automatic Control & GNC Team Leader at Airbus.

"Due to the accurate timing of the SentiBoard we can replay the data exactly as it was recorded when we are back in the lab. This makes us able to develop our algorithms without needlessly repeating the experiment, avoiding additional costs for new experiments, and providing a more accurate baseline when comparing the newly developed algorithms as the input data is identical."
Multi-purpose Navigation Payload, Maritime Robotics (Drone)

Multi-purpose Navigation Payload

  • Full navigation stack with SentiBoard, sensors, and algorithms
  • Used for both UAVs and USVs
  • Utilizing the reconfigurable nature of the SentiBoard by tailoring the sensors needed for each platform
  • Connecting using ROS (The Robot Operating System)


Stephanie Kemna, Research Manager at Maritime Robotics

"SentiSystems technology offers benefits to Maritime Robotics in the form of more accurately georeferenced data for UAS and USV applications. This is crucial in the process of developing the company’s next generation camera and sensing systems, to provide situational awareness to operators of uncrewed systems."
Tractor with sensor payloads to estimate crop mass and canopy reconstruction, NIBIO (Agriculture)

Tractor with sensor payloads to estimate crop mass and canopy reconstruction

  • Increase accuracy and precision of perception and control platform
  • Used for tractor equipped with: GNSS, IMU, LiDAR and cameras
  • Use SentiBoard to synchronize sensors over different time synchronization primitives (PPS/Trigger, Data Ready/Time-of-Validity/Flash Capture)
  • Connecting using ROS (The Robot Operating System)