Empower autonomy

Real-time sensor fusion for autonomous systems

Easily integrates and fine-tunes any autonomous setup

Autonomous vehicles

SentiPack is our complete hardware and software solution for integration and synchronisation of multi-sensor systems

SentiPack hardware and software

Speed, accuracy and flexibility

Easy and scalable sensor integration

Rapidly develop and produce integrated high-performance multi-sensor systems.

  • Plug and play sensor replacements
  • No need for timely software adaption
  • Avoid costs for additional system testing

A powerful foundation for your autonomous systems

Extremely accurate datasets to AI and ML applications

  • Extreme time stamp resolution of 10 ns
  • Accurate motion compensation

“Due to the accurate timing of the SentiBoard we can replay the data exactly as it was recorded when we are back in the lab. This makes us able to develop our algorithms without needlessly repeating the experiment, avoiding additional costs for new experiments, and providing a more accurate baseline when comparing the newly developed algorithms as the input data is identical.”

Darius Djafari-Rouhani, Automatic Control & GNC Team Leader, Airbus

“SentiSystems technology offers benefits to Maritime Robotics in the form of more accurately georeferenced data for UAS and USV applications. This is crucial in the process of developing the company’s next generation camera and sensing systems, to provide situational awareness to operators of uncrewed systems.”

Stephanie Kemna, Research Manager Maritime Robotics AS

Timestamp resolution at 10 ns

The superfast SentiBoard is the heart of our system

SentiBoard is the heart of multi-sensor fusion that keeps sensor data accurately timestamped and hence synchronized with a common clock and forwards the time-stamped data in a standardized format for processing in real time and/or post-processing.

In SentiPack the SentiBoard ships with:

RTK icon

Dual RTK-ready GNSS receivers

IMU icon

High-performance MEMS IMU

Highly customizeable

Extending the SentiPack with additional sensors or replacing old ones is trivial. Adding sensors you already own is also well supported.

SentiBoard custom system integration
SentiUtils icon


Our software framework allows configuration of sensors, logging of data, parsing sensor messages, and converting the sensor information to higher-level formats, such as MATLAB or Python’s NumPy library.

The SentiBoard primarily communicates through a USB-interface. This allows the system to be prepared and tested using a regular computer before connecting it to an on-board computer.

SentiFusion icon


To take sensor fusion to the next level, a library of novel user configurable and customizable estimation algorithms based on the extended Kalman filter (EKF) is part of SentiSystems on the software side, called SentiFusion. This allows navigation and sensor fusion algorithms to be executed in real-time.

The software is highly innovative and includes a wide variety of options for the user such as selections of attitude and coordinate frame representations, as well as handling of asynchronous data with varying latencies.