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Increase efficiency - Work faster, produce more
Reduce sensor integration cost & time - Focus on your domain knowledge
Improve product lifecycle support
Easily swap, change or upgrade your sensor suite
Synchronize your data streams with sub-microsecond accuracy
Improve your AI solution with better data

Empowering Autonomy

Boosting real-time sensor fusion for everything that moves


SentiBoard is the heart of any multi-sensor fusion system, and it keeps sensor data accurately timestamped and synchronized. It forwards the sensor data in a standardized format for processing both in real time and post-processing.



Our software framework support

  • Processing and filtering sensor messages
  • Flexible I/O options
  • Logging and storage of data
  • Robot operating system (ROS1 & ROS2)


Choose from a variety of our SentiConnect interface cards for easy plug&play integration with our hardware and software.

"Due to the accurate timing of the SentiBoard we can replay the data exactly as it was recorded when we are back in the lab. This makes us able to develop our algorithms without needlessly repeating the experiment, avoiding additional costs for new experiments, and providing a more accurate baseline when comparing the newly developed algorithms as the input data is identical"
Darius Djafari-Rouhani
Automatic Control & GNC Team Leader, Airbus
"SentiSystems technology offers benefits to Maritime Robotics in the form of more accurately georeferenced data for UAS and USV applications. This is crucial in the process of developing the company’s next generation camera and sensing systems, to provide situational awareness to operators of uncrewed systems."
Stephanie Kemna
Research Manager, Maritime Robotics AS

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Enables easy and scalable sensor integration

Rapidly develop and produce integrated high-performance multi-sensor systems

  • Plug and play sensor replacements and upgrade
  • No need for time consuming software and hardware adaptions
  • Avoid costs system redesign and subsequent testing and verification

A powerful foundation for your sensing and data processing needs

Accurate and precise timing of data improves its end use quality

  • Boost your applications’ performance and utility with extreme timestamp resolution of 10 ns