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Empowering AI

Experts in sensor fusion and GNSS denied navigation

We enable efficient, safe and resilient autonomy

Sensor fusion experts providing solutions for increased efficiency in autonomous operations. We specialize in operations where robotics such as AGVs, AMRs and drones are used to conduct tasks that require fast and precise execution.

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Logistics, warehousing and transport

AMRs or AGVs? Take efficiency to the next level with SentiSystems' safe and resilient positioning and perception platform


Maritime transportation and navigation

Ferrys, transport or maritime robots? Facilitate autonomy at scale for maritime solutions with increased positioning and GNSS-denied navigation.

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Defence technology and robotics

Precise positioning without GPS and rapid development of autonomous systems


SentiBoard is the heart of any multi-sensor fusion system, and it keeps sensor data accurately timestamped and synchronized.


Our software framework support to use with our hardware. Compatible with ROS1 and ROS2. 


Choose from a variety of our SentiConnect interface cards for easy plug&play integration with our hardware and software.

Our projects

AIRBUS: Vision-Based Moon Landing Drone​

The European Space Agency (ESA) has embarked on an innovative project aimed at enhancing navigation solutions for precise lunar landings. This endeavour involves the integration of a stereo camera system, meticulously synchronized with an Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) and Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS), facilitated by the utilization of the SentiBoard. This cutting-edge technology is being tested aboard a miniature helicopter, enabling meticulous navigation in lunar environments.

Preliminary outcomes have yielded promising results, much to the satisfaction of the client. The seamless integration of these systems has not only optimized operational efficiency but has also contributed to considerable time and cost savings throughout the development process. This successful implementation marks a significant milestone in advancing lunar exploration capabilities, promising a brighter future for space exploration endeavours.


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"Due to the accurate timing of the SentiBoard we can replay the data exactly as it was recorded when we are back in the lab. This makes us able to develop our algorithms without needlessly repeating the experiment, avoiding additional costs for new experiments, and providing a more accurate baseline when comparing the newly developed algorithms as the input data is identical"
Darius Djafari-Rouhani

Automatic Control & GNC Team Leader, Airbus
"SentiSystems technology offers benefits to Maritime Robotics in the form of more accurately georeferenced data for UAS and USV applications. This is crucial in the process of developing the company’s next generation camera and sensing systems, to provide situational awareness to operators of uncrewed systems."
Stephanie Kemna

Research manager, Maritime robotics AS
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Enabling AGVs

Combine our technology with AGVs used in logistics and warehousing. The result? A faster, more precise and cost-effective operation. 

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Warehouse security

With our sensor fusion technology, AGVs operating in closed warehouse environments are able to conduct operations with precision, reducing the risk of accidents

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Incorporating our technology into existing systems improves efficiency, resulting in faster execution time and a reduction in costs.


Enables easy and scalable sensor integration

Rapidly develop and produce integrated high-performance multi-sensor systems

Easy sensor swap

Plug and play sensor replacements and upgrade

Decreased integration time

No need for time-consuming software and hardware adaptions

Cost effective

Avoid costs system redesign and subsequent testing and verification

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